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Please read the below, initial each item, and sign at the bottom on this pledge.

Proper parent support is a critical component of the player development process. Your unconditional love and support will play a critical role in using soccer to learn life lessons, while developing your child into a better competitor during training and games.

I pledge to everything within my power get my child to practice and games on-time. I understand that it can be embarrassing for my child to be late and that I may be putting him/her at risk by not providing adequate time for warm-up. I will be on-time to pick-up my child from all games and practices. This shows respect for the coach, and it tells my child that he or she is my top priority.

I pledge to use positive encouragement to fill my child’s emotional tank. Athletes with a full emotional tank are more coachable, learn more, have more fun, and stick it longer. I understand that this game is the players’ game, and I will keep sports in the proper perspective.

I pledge to allow my child to make mistakes. I recognize that powerful lessons come from mistakes, and having the ability to play without the fear of making those mistakes is what allows my child the freedom to put forth 100% effort and commitment. Fear of making a mistake prevents experimentation, and that fear comes from the child’s concern about judgement and disappointment.

I pledge to set a good example for my child, no matter how others behave around me. I will demonstrate (both verbally and through body language) support for coaches, officials, opponents, and opposing fans. Just like the mistakes referred to above, officials can make mistakes as well. When they do, I recognize that this is a good opportunity for my child to learn resilience, self-control, and other important lessons.

I pledge to refrain from yelling instructions to any of the players. I understand that this is the job of the coach. I understand that games are challenging and chaotic times for the kids. I will limit my comments during the game to encouraging all the youth athletes who are courageous enough to put themselves out there and play this beautiful game.

I pledge to refrain from making negative comments about my child’s coach with hearing-range of the coach. This plants a negative seed in my child’s head which can negatively influence my child’s motivation, learning, trust, and overall experience.

I will honor this parent pledge and my conduct with be in accordance with the above.

All Parents hereby agree that if they fail to conform their conduct to the foregoing while attending, coaching, officiating or participating in a Willingboro Soccer Club (WSC) event, they will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to the following in any order or combination, at the discretion of the WSC Board:

-Oral or Written warning;
- Suspension or immediate ejection from any WSC program or event;
- Suspension from multiple WSC programs or events;
-Season suspension;
-Permanent termination from all WSC programs and events


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