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Aug, 2018

A Parent's Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals With Their Kids

Children dream big, and it can sometimes seem as though your child is reaching for the unattainable. Instead of destroying the child's dreams, you can help them work towards making the dream a reality within their abilities. While they may never realize a dream of winning a gold medal at the Olympics, this doesn't mean you can't help your child to become a successful professional athlete.

Explain the Concept of Long-Term Goals

Your child may not realize the work involved in becoming an Olympic gold medalist, for instance. Your first duty as a parent is to explain that there are short-term goals and long-term goals. It's important that your child understands that it will take time and hard work to achieve their dream. You can also explain that he or she can work towards that bigger goal by reaching benchmarks along the way.

Select Challenging Goals

When you choose goal-setting activities for your child, try to select those objectives that will provide a challenge. They should be goals that aren't too easy to reach but are within the child's capabilities. This will teach them that their goals will take work.

Make Sure the Goals are Measurable

Suppose your child wants to be the best player on the school team. There's really no way to quantify that. Instead, help your child to strive to make two runs or score twice per game. By setting concrete goals like this, you can help your child measure his or her progress.

Help Your Child Break Down Each Objective

As you tackle each goal, teach your child ways to break down that goal into steps. As you tackle each goal, teach your child ways to organize their efforts by breaking down that goal into steps. Just as your child is breaking down the long-term goal of winning an Olympic gold medal into smaller, more easily obtainable goals, you should also show your child how to organize the smaller goals into several steps. For instance, practicing a specific move until your child gets it down and moving onto another. This will help his or her overall performance.

Mark Down Each Achievement

As your child reaches a benchmark, mark it down on a calendar or a bulletin board. Consider printing off the list of goals and placing them in an easily-seen location so the child can cross them off as they obtain them. This will help your child see his or her progress, while the achievements will also motivate them to continue working towards the ultimate goal.

Family Support is Important

Encouraging your child is as important as helping him or her set their goals. When they don't feel the moral support from the rest of the family, they may get easily discouraged. A good support base helps the child to feel as though the whole family is a part of the team, helping him or her succeed at achieving each goal.

Whether your child dreams big or has more modest goals, they may be lost when it comes to making those dreams a reality. By taking the time to teach your children how to realize goals, you can help them make their dreams come true. This will also give them the tools they need to succeed in whatever they want in their lives.



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